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While producing emails during the lawsuit's discovery process, InfoWars accidentally handed over child pornography Online Cigarettes Store USA that had been emailed to the company by one or more anonymous people. The emails were then sent to a company handling document review for the Sandy Hook attorneys, the latest error in a discovery process that InfoWars and Jones have been frequently accused of hindering.  
After receiving the images, the Sandy Hook attorneys contacted the FBI, who took over the document review Newport Pleasure process. In their motion, the attorneys say InfoWars could have avoided forwarding the emails if they had conducted "even minimal due diligence."

"They transmitted images to the plaintiffs that if they were knowingly possessed is a serious federal crime," the attorneys say in the motion.

In a statement, Pattis said InfoWars employees hadn't opened the emails when they were originally received.

"I spoke to federal prosecutors last week," Pattis said. "They report that there is no indication anyone Newport 100s Box  at InfoWars knowingly possessed child pornography. The items were embedded in emails sent to folks at InfoWars without ever having been opened."

On his Friday show, Jones concocted a conspiracy theory that Mattei had planted the child porn himself in an attempt to discredit InfoWars. Jones fumed at Mattei, calling him a "white-shoe boy that thinks he owns America."

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