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Certified Trust and Financial Advisor: Your Guide to Financial Planning

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  1. Devisee – The person or reality designated to admit means
  2. Special requirements Trust – A trust that's created to give fiscal support for individualities with disabilities or special requirements, without affecting their eligibility for government benefits.
  3. Livery Prudent Investor Act( UPIA) – A law that requires trustees to invest trust means in a manner that's both prudent and in the stylish interests of the heirs.
  4. Probate – The legal process of administering an existent’s estate after their death, Certified Trust and Financial Advisor including validating their will and distributing their means.
  5. Living Trust – A trust that's created during an existent’s continuance and can be used to manage their means during their continuance and after their death.
  6. Asset Protection – The process of guarding one’s means from implicit creditors or legal judgments.
  7. Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust – A trust that pays a fixed periodic income to the patron for a specified period of time, with the remainder going to a charitable association.
  8. Charitable Lead Annuity Trust – A trust that pays a fixed periodic income to a charitable association for a specified period of time, with the remainder going to the patron’s heirs.
  9. Livery Gift to Minors Act( UGMA) – A law that allows parents or guardians to transfer means to their children without setting up a trust or paying gift levies.
  10. Health Savings Account( HSA) – A duty- advantaged account that Exam Labs Dumps  allows individualities to save plutocrat for medical charges, with benefactions and recessions being duty-free.
  14. Live review courses
  15. The ABA also offers live review courses that are designed to give test takers with an ferocious and focused review of the material covered on the CFTA test. These courses are generally held over a period of several days and include lectures, conversations, and practice examinations. The live review courses are offered both online and in person at colorful locales across the United States.

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