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How to use balcony waterproof material

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<p>nickel, aluminum foil and other metals. Phenolic roof insulation board Phenolic insulation board is a kind of board which integrates fireproof and heat preservation effect. It can resist high India Outdoor Playground Flooring Prices temperature of 150%, the thermal conductivity is only 0.023, and the service life is long, up to 30 years. It is the next type of new type. The thermal material is very light in texture and very easy to construct. Vacuum insulation board Vacuum insulation board is an insulation board that uses the vacuum environment mold proof deck railing agent orange  inside the board to block the heat insulation.</p> <p> The vacuum environment inside the board not only allows the entry of low-level external heat, but also provides a thermal insulation effect for the internal heat. In the face of summer and winter, you can have a good performance. Insulated color steel sandwich panel insulation color steel sandwich panel is a very popular material. The upper and lower layers are made of steel and the middle layer is polystyrene. In addition to a good flame retardant effect, it can also play a soundproofing effect. It is environmentally curved outdoor seating bench  friendly and simple to construct.</p>
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