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Rapid Keto Prime

Rapid Keto Prime During fasting, the body is in extreme conditions of a large shortage of calories, it can cause weakness, dizziness and even fainting. So watch his health carefully. Just before the start of the diet make lean on fat and nutritious food to jump it was not very sharp. Eating as the plan to maintain weight after diet. First day. All day it is forbidden to eat solid food. All your diet is 1.5 liters pure non-carbonated water. In any case, do not gulp it - it must be 5 cups drinking during the day. Spread in advance and drink on the clock. If you want more - you can drink more but not more than 3 L. On the second day. Similarly per hour to disperse of 0.8 liters of skim milk. Its size can not be increased, if thirsty - to drink water. 30 minutes before bedtime, eat one green apple. On the third day. Only one water. The fourth day. You can eat non-starchy vegetables. Without salt. You can prepare salad from cabbage, carrots and fresh herbs, lightly season with olive oil. To drink only water. The fifth day. Milk and apple, as on the second day of diet. Sixth day. Read More:- >>
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