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Over 100 reported missing in California wildfire

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Over 100 reported missing in California wildfire


St. Joseph Health said 100 patients have been treated, most for smoke inhalation, at two of its hospitals, Santa Rosa Memorial in Santa Rosa and Queen of the cheap nfl jerseys authentic wholesale nfl jerseys Valley Medical Center in Napa.
Those hospitals took on the majority of patients with other hospitals in the area evacuated because of the fires.
Two of the injured are critical. One has been transferred to a burn center with significant burns. Fifteen of the injuries are described as moderate and the rest are minor.
The number of injured is expected to climb as information comes in for all the other areas affected by the firestorm consuming the state.
The fires Cheap Jerseys | Wholesale NFL Jerseys Site have also killed at least 10 people and destroyed at least 1,500 homes.


Former San Francisco Giants pitcher Noah Lowry and his family were among those who had to flee from the ferocious series of wildfires in Northern California.
Lowry told The Associated Press that he, his wife, his two daughters and his 2 week old son had to leave their home in Santa Rosa in a matter of minutes as the flames approached. 101 freeway because the flames had jumped it. But he and his family were able to get away in time and get to a friends' house where they are staying.
Lowry, who pitched for the Giants from 2003 and 2007, now owns an outdoor sporting goods store in Santa Rosa.
The fires have destroyed at least 1,500 homes and killed at least 10 people.
Vice President Mike Pence said during a visit to California that the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance to the state as it deals with deadly and destructive wildfires.


Pence's remarks came at an event Monday night in the Sacramento area after Gov. Jerry Brown, who has given disaster declarations to many parts of the state, said he asked President Donald Trump to declare a federal disaster. Pence said "we'll be working very closely with Gov. Brown and California to see you through these challenging times. We are standing with you."
It wasn't clear whether Pence's statements meant the request from Brown and several local leaders will be met.
The fires have destroyed at least 1,500 homes and killed at least 10 people in wholesale jerseys Northern California.
The Napa Valley Vintners association says most wineries were closed Monday because of power outages, evacuation orders and the inability of employees to get to work.
The trade association said Monday that it does not have verifiable information on winery buildings that burned Jerseys Cheap down or the impact the fires would have on the 2017 harvest.
Workers had picked most grapes for the season before fires broke out.
The wind driven wildfires came as Napa and Sonoma counties were finishing highly anticipated harvests of wine grapes. Workers on Monday should have been picking and processing the ripe grapes that would make chardonnay and other wines.
At least two wineries were destroyed and many others damaged.
Trailer park residents in California wine country had little time to escape before flames destroyed their homes.
Nancy Cook said Monday that her dogs alerted her to the wildfire that quickly came blowing over a hill early in the morning and ignited trees in the Journey's End trailer park in Santa Rosa.

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