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How can young seedlings grow into towering trees without undergoing baptism of wind and frost; how can young eagles fight against the sky without violent winds and showers; how can streams converge in the vast sea without experiencing bumps and drifts. But how can we young people, without hardship and perseverance, be the real pillar of the country? The five-day military training is not only a physical exercise, but also a test and grind of perseverance. In these days of military training, the instructor taught us how to set our posture during the training, stand up, and walk together … Under the dark sky with autumn rain, we raised our heads, stood our chests in a spacious corridor, motionless Standing in accordance with the instructor's standards. You know, it ��s easy to say that it ��s easy to say, but it ��s too difficult! At the beginning, I also thought: "Oh, isn't it just standing! Just go there one stop! I can definitely do it." This stop was terrific. After a while, my leg was sore and sore, and I tried it several times. I almost couldn't keep it up and wanted to play a "back-out." Voila! Heels are close together, toes are separated, your shoulders are leaning back, your eyes are looking straight ahead, your hands are close to the seam of your trousers, your neck is leaning backwards, everyone stands on the playground like a telephone pole, and sweat flows down from your cheeks and cannot be wiped. For a long time, the feet are numb, the legs are cramped, the lower back pain, the neck pain … I hope it can rain, and the wind is strong, so that I can rest … Sometimes I ca n��t help but want to move, I will always silently tell in my heart For yourself: "Perseverance is victory!" Because it is clear that the instructors are training us like this Cigarettes For Sale, it seems to be training our physical fitness, and actually training our willpower. "Persevere for a while, and persevere for a while, I will definitely be able to hold on!" Every time I want to give up Marlboro Lights, every time I will encourage myself, after every day of military training, I always feel happy, because every time I persevere . The efforts of each of us has created a complete, high-quality team. Every standardized movement of the training made me deeply appreciate the power of unity and cooperation and the importance of teamwork. Military training has taught me many things beyond the textbook, and bravely treated my mistakes. Perhaps I have learned much more than that, but the personal experience of the intense and pleasant military training; the dear teacher in charge shared the same difficulties with us Parliament Cigarettes, the storm and the same boat; the beloved instructor taught us carefully and patiently corrected the errors; the lovely students Laughter and laughter, greetings to each other … Behind the sweat is endless gains and happy military training strengthens our physique, encourages us to meet the challenge confidently, teaches us to do anything strictly requires us to grasp the scale of freedom and discipline, and exercise Our spirit of perseverance, unity and cooperation. The junior high school life has already begun, let us set sail, take the wind and waves
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