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The flowers are grateful to

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The flowers are grateful to the rain dew, because the rain dew nourishes it; the goshawk is grateful to the sky, because the sky makes it fly; the mountain is grateful to the earth, because the earth makes it high; Travel around. In my growth process, your strong teacher love has always been around. I remember when I was in elementary school, I was new to everything in school. For this reason, in class, I just knew the answer to the question and always hesitated to raise my hand Wholesale Cigarettes. You may be aware of it, and you are looking at me with encouragement. It seems to be saying: "Xuan Danqiong, don't be afraid. Have the courage to try it. It doesn't matter if you answer it wrongly." It is your gentle look that makes me more courageous. I immediately raised my hand to answer. Although the answer was not ideal, you praised me with a smile. Because of this first time, I have increased my guts. Over time, I have developed a good habit of actively raising my hands in the classroom Marlboro Lights. When I encounter a problem and ask you for advice, you are always willing to accept it and patiently explain the problem to me, over and over again, without getting bored. When I got this question right through your explanation, a pleasant smile appeared on your face. When you found out that I was sick, you kept asking me if I was uncomfortable, and whether I should go to the hospital … Until the next morning, when I came to school, did you still ask me with concern, if you are better? It's your meticulous care for my life that nourishes my young heart like spring rain, making me feel the second affection, looking at you, I really want to say: "Thank you, teacher. When I do something wrong At that time Newport 100S, you did not scold me loudly, but asked the reason of the matter in a soft voice, and helped me to solve my problems. I really appreciate you! You are right and wrong, and you never criticize people for no reason. When you did n��t get a good grade in the exam, you praised me in the class and took the lead in applauding. You know, the teacher is because of your little applause, which made me add another confidence on the road to learning. Let me clarify the goal of struggling. When I was five years, in these five years, no matter what I encountered, you will face with me. You pay too much for me, it is like the sea, as high as Blue sky. Teacher, in my eyes you are magical. I finally understand the truth: "The spring silkworm has reached the end of the dead silk, and the wax torch turned into grey tears." Because your career is silently dedicated and selfless I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my teacher Thank you for everything you have done for me in the future, I become a towering trees, or low shrubs, green life, I will, with your blessing -! My teacher
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